“Forms in motion” by Tim Pearce

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“Forms in motion” is a new exhibition of works by local artist Tim Pearce showing at village gallery on Colliergate, York.

Tim Pearce is a painter and ceramicist in equal measure, informed by a cubist sensitivity to form, colour and rhythm.

Following a successful career as an art educator in South Yorkshire schools Tim has, since moving to York, intensified his creativity on a full-time basis.

Working full-time has enabled Tim to develop his passionate involvement with what might loosely be described as a cubist aesthetic, which has often characterised his most intense and rewarding painterly achievements where diverse, man-made and natural stimuli are interpreted through experimentally abstracted imagery. In his paintings, whatever the precise subject of any individual piece may be, the dominant theme of his work (abstract or representational) is the rendering of movement on a static surface. The frequent depiction of events and life forms in motion where the passage of time (often in seconds) is condensed into a single image is a strand which runs through much of his 2D creativity.

And he has recently seized the opportunity to extend his fascination for geometric fragmentation, rhythmically intersecting planes and the ambiguous articulations of negative space into his sculptural ceramics too.

Tim’s sensitivity to a cubo-futurist vocabulary characterised by the use of shifting perspectives, geometric dislocations, and playful ambiguities is further enriched by his responsiveness to a wide range of stimuli.

Tim’s exhibition opens at village gallery York on Tuesday 19th July 2022, and it runs until Saturday 27th August.



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