Julie Lightburn

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Showing until the end of October, we have an exhibition of Julie Lightburn’s incredibly detailed miniature landscapes - heather clad hills, distant dales, sandy beaches, secret gardens and city corners. I’m sure she uses paintbrushes with a single eyelash bristle!

Self taught, but with a great deal of experience in colour mixing and observational skills as a model maker, it was only a short time before Julie started exhibiting and selling her work.  She has been selected to take part in York Open Studios for the past five years and has had her work in a number of local galleries and exhibitions.

Her representational genre of painting is often regarded as photographic in style, but with an artistic eye she is able to capture the visual splendour of the natural and manmade landscapes that inspire her, creating beautiful compositions that bring joy to all those who own a piece of her work. 

211007 Julie Lightburn Hills of Heather  211007 Julie Lightburn Jim's Garage  211007 Julie Lightburn Sailing Away to New Horizons

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