Kit Hemsley

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Kit creates forms influenced by a childhood on the coast near Whitby and also by the clay itself. Her work falls into two distinct ranges at the moment and reflects the clay she is using. Kit’s Parian and porcelain work mirrors coastal textures, colours and forms. Clay coloured with oxides, stains and underglazes is used to create movement in her pieces. Natural materials such as shells, fossils and coral are used to mark some of her work. Kit’s other work uses stoneware or Ashraf Hanna Raku clay to create very tactile forms based on shapes from nature. She burnishes, sawdust fires and waxes the pieces which gives the clay a very organic texture and patina. “My processes ensure all my work is as individual as a fingerprint. I don’t want to be limited in my style or forms, I’m making up for lost time – who knows where my journey will take me!” … Kit Hemsley

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