“Pleasure gardens”

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“Pleasure gardens”, featuring some new works by local artist Adele Karmazyn, is the exhibition now showing at village gallery on Colliergate.

Adele is a York based Digital Photomontage Artist. Her love of antiquities and oddities, weathered surfaces and nature is the foundation of her work.

For Adele, collecting 19th century photographs is where the journey begins. From her ever growing collection she chooses her characters and brings them back to full colour, intertwining them with creatures big and small, coupled with delicate foliage, creating images both sophisticated and playful. Adele often uses idioms, metaphors and musical lyrics for inspiration and to add narrative to her work. It is ultimately the love of the Victorian era, costume and interiors that drives her to create the images she does, with the added freedom to insert an element of playful surprise.

Adele studied for her BA (Hons) Degree in Textile Art at Winchester School of Art.  She went on to complete a diploma in children’s book illustration which brought her back to the use of Photoshop, which is now her main tool. Using also a digital camera, scanner and her collection of imagery she works digitally to create her slightly surreal pieces, then hand finishes the prints with ink, paint and gold leaf.

Adele’s exhibition opens at village gallery York on Tuesday 30th August 2022, and it runs until Saturday 15th October.



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