The contrasting art styles of York artists Jane Dignum and Mark Druery

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The contrasting art styles of York artists Jane Dignum and Mark Druery, is the exhibition now showing at village gallery on Colliergate, York.

Jane studied Fine Art at Leeds College of Art and Design where she was introduced to a variety of printmaking methods. She tends to favour linocut but still experiments with other methods.

Jane loves to create images showing plants and wildlife and often includes scenes from her allotment or things she sees when out walking. She finds inspiration everywhere and always has her sketchbook and camera with her so that she can make visual notes wherever she goes.

Jane prints her linocut images on her etching press, often on handmade paper and using specialist oil-based printing inks.

Mark trained at Canterbury School of Art & Design, and describes himself as inseparably both an architect and artist.

Drawing has always been an integral part of his studies and later his professional life as an architect. Mark also always carries a sketchbook and camera around, often stopping to study interesting buildings and features.

His favourite medium at work and in art are drawing pens, loving the immediacy of the medium and the decisiveness of the pen stroke, when committing pen to paper. He then applies watercolour over the pen strokes.

Bold colourful nature inspired prints versus original detailed architectural studies of York … Jane and Mark’s exhibition opens at village gallery York on Tuesday 6th December 2022, and it runs until Saturday 21st January 2023.




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