Marie-Claude Lalique "Anemone" candle holder

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This three Anemones candle holder was designed by Marie-Claude Lalique, René’s granddaughter, and first released in 1975. It was based on an anemone design of René’s that he created in 1931. This candle holder design is no longer in production

Each flower head measures 11.5cm by 7.5 cm (3.7"). The holder will accept a candle with a diameter of 2.5cm. All measurements are approximate.

The base is engraved "Lalique ® France" and also bears a sticker of the French retailer D Legon of Rouen.

The flower head measures 11 cm (4.3") by 9.5 cm (3.7"). The stem is 5.5 cm (2.2") long.

All measurements are approximate.

The candle holder is in excellent condition and does not look as though it has been used. It does not have a box.