Large uranium glass lided trinket pot

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Although we have not been able to identify the maker, this uranium green pressed glass trinket pot was probably  produced c1935. It is more than likely it was part of a larger dressing table set. There were several companies at this time producing this sort of ware, like the British companies Bagley, Davidson and Sowerby, and by the German glass manufacturers Stolzle and  Walther & Sohne, but we have not found this particular design in any of the available catalogues. Uranium glass has a fluorescent glow when seen under ultra-violet light. The trinket pot measures 10.2 cm (4.1') at its widest, and stands 16 cm (6.4') tall. The pot is in very good condition. No chips, cracks or significant scratches have been noted. There are some fairly prominent mould lines, but this is usual and consistent with the original manufacture/moulding process. Please see photos as these form an important part of the description.