About us

village-on-the-web came into being when several influencing factors all came together.  These were:

  • an increasingly frequent ebay habit - both buying and selling, which started in order to de-clutter our house!
  • a penchant for going to car boot sales - again, both buying and selling
  • one (and eventually both!) of us being made redundant
  • a growing love of art, collectables and jewellery

and finally, a bit of lateral thinking on Simon's part!

We set aside some of the redundancy money to set up our own company, with the clear intentions of wanting the business to be mainly based online, wanting to provide a unique experience and a determination to give first class customer service. We moved on from the car boot sale world to research and buy our stock from a variety of sources, so that we can bring you, our customers, quality items at realistic prices.

village-on-the-web was born.

In addition to our online presence, we frequently took pitches at many of the antiques, fine art and collectors fairs round the country - we sold to Bargain Hunt 7 times, so you may have seen us on the TV!!

In 2017 we opened village gallery, a real physical shop in our home City of York … and we gave up touring with the fairs, considerably improving our carbon footprint. The shop has allowed us to develop more into contemporary 2d and 3d art and jewellery as we can feature (mainly York local) artists and crafts people. This sits alongside our long standing passion for Lalique crystal; we became York’s official stockist, and now have an extensive range of both old and new pieces.

Covid lockdowns in 2020 gave us an opportunity to think about our website … and here we are - village-on-the-web, now redeveloped and in its second iteration.

We hope you'll enjoy the experience of being in our village … and if you are ever in or near York, come and meet us at the shop.

Simon and Helen