Edward Waites

Edward is a highly talented sculptor whose work has earned him international recognition and acclaim.  Best known for his representation of the animal form using his own unique and recognised style, he works in clay and casts limited editions in bronze and silver.

Completely self taught, his sculptures have been developed through time and practice. Edward’s collection comprises animals and wildlife. His works are influenced by his passion for the life and essence of his subjects. His aim is to capture their presence and character - emphasising muscle, sinew, energy and movement.  Edward’s work ranges from small to life-size pieces and he does commissions for private and corporate clients.

Edward has worked prolifically since leaving school and has created a career from his passion. His sculpture forms part of both public and private collections internationally, including a number of royal families.

Edward works very closely with a foundry in Suffolk that casts most of his work.  From day one he has taken a hands-on approach in terms of producing his work in metal, and he has built a positive relationship with the foundry-man he works with.  The age-old lost wax casting process is highly skilled and time consuming. Each piece is individually crafted and finished.