Jean Luce

Jean has painted and drawn from an early age and gained a BA Hons in Fine Art and Film at Leeds University.  After University she had a long gap, travelling, bringing up a family and working in a variety of jobs, including working with people with special needs, teaching and gardening.

Growing up in South Manchester Jean developed a love of the hills which she could see distantly from her bedroom, exploring them with her father who was a keen walker.  Subsequently she lived in the Lake District, Ireland and Norfolk, moving back up North in 1999.  She now lives in Sheffield, near the Peak District, and has been re-engaging with her love of painting.

Jean takes her inspiration from her love of rugged scenery and the elements and the huge variety of landscape throughout Yorkshire and Derbyshire.  She likes walking in hills and mountains, and the sea cliffs of the East Yorkshire coast also hold a particular fascination.

Jean works by walking and sketching outside, absorbing the atmosphere and then works her observations into paintings back in the studio, using a variety of media depending on the subject matter.  Her work is constantly changing - with her mood, the weather and her environment.  Painting for her is a solitary, almost meditative activity and she needs to create a lot of space around it to see what emerges, avoiding the pretty or predictable.  She loves colour but doesn't like to be fixed to a particular style.

Jean’s current work is inspired by edges of things – land, sea, environment – from the crags of the Pennines to the cliffs and shoreline of Yorkshire and beyond.  Using a variety of media she explores the patterns created by the elements and the marks of time.