Keele Street Pottery

Keele Street Pottery

The company was founded in 1915 and was in production until 1950, when it was renamed Staffordshire Potteries Ltd. The letters 'K.S.P' occurs on post-war products and a basic printed mark was introduced in 1962. The pattern or style name is shown in the centre of the mark.

The policy of growth by acquisition in the 1947-1949 period ensured that a wide range of goods were produced. During this period, the emphasis was on production for export. A message from the Managing Director in a company leaflet states "we all know that the nation’s first need is to manufacture for export, to enable us to earn dollars, and so purchase the raw materials essential for industry."

White utility wares were in production at some factories in the group, whilst others concentrated on decorated ware for export.

1915  Establishment of Keele Street Pottery by C.H. Bowers, Elijah Brookes, J.Robinson, and H.W. Pitt

1916  Started mass production of once fired egg cups

During world war 2 the works were closed under the Concentration of Industries Act and used by the government to store shell cases

1946  Re-opened with five bottle ovens, producing once fired white cups

1947  Product range extended to include ornamental ware, cottage ware and other fancies

1947-1949  Acquisition of other companies

            Paramount Pottery Ltd., Hanley (estd. 1946) – white cups & cottage ware
            Winterton Pottery Ltd., Longton (estd. 1927) – dinner & tea wares
            Thomas Cone Ltd., Alma Works, Longton (estd. 1892) – dinner & tea wares
            Collingwood Bone China Ltd. (estd. 1887)
            Conway Pottery Ltd., Fenton (estd.1930) – white cups
            Piccadilly Pottery, Tunstall (estd. 1946) - wholesaler
            Lawton Pottery, Tunstall

1950   Name changed to Staffordshire Potteries Limited.