Kit Hemsley: Footed turtle form bowl (150)

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This small bowl was hand made by Kit Hemsley in parian porcelain. The design incorporates yellow glaze stain colouring. The bowl has no over glaze so is not classed as food safe. The bowl was produced as part of Kit's "Confined Series 2" work … "I found the start of Lockdown a really difficult time to work and it wasn’t until another potter suggested working using less than 75g of wet clay that my creativity and focus returned. Working with a restricted amount of clay and other materials such as oxides and glaze stains was a revelation as it conserved my clay supplies and gave me the ability to experiment without huge losses. I created a ‘Confined Series’ and each resulting piece was numbered, measured and weighed." The bowl measures 120 by 110 mm, and is 40 mm deep. All measurements are approximate.