Lynn Shaw

Lynn Shaw

Lyn Shaw - Artist and photographer.

Lynn is a mixed media artist and photographer who lives in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

She studied art at school and has continued developing her skills with a number of different artists and teachers in the UK and in Belgium, where she lived for eight years.

After working in IT for many years, she left her career to devote her time to working on her two passions in life – personal identity coaching and art, both of which are creative processes. Lynn splits her time between her business and her art 50/50.

To date she has exhibited her work at Au Pays des Merveilles in Brussels, Jamfish in Manchester and Art In The Pen in Skipton.

Lynn’s palette is limited to only three colours that transcend all of her work, inspired by the closing credits for the film 'Schindler's List' … grayscale with a little girl dressed in a red coat. She says, “I find grayscale images extremely emotive. Switching red for magenta represents my ‘inner rebel’. I never go out with the intention of finding a particular composition; nature and architecture provide the composition for me, shown off to their most dramatic effect by natural light.”

Every single piece is driven by emotion - how she feels about the subject rather than what she thinks about it. What Lynn finds exciting about this is that she never starts a piece of work with the endpoint in mind; it just evolves such that the result is always a surprise.

She claims to be a selfish artist in that she creates in order to express herself and to indulge her creative need. If someone connects with a piece of her work that is an added bonus. If they then value it enough to purchase it, then that’s the cherry on top!