Michelle Galloway

Michelle grew up in Sheffield where she saw beauty in both the rich industrial heritage and the surrounding countryside of the Peak District.

After studying Art with Design and Technology at York St John University, Michelle married and had children, and art took a backseat for several years.  She subsequently developed an interest in education and trained as a primary school teacher.  This reawakened something.  She started to paint again, ran workshops and art clubs and found fresh inspiration.

Michelle works mostly with watercolours and oils.   She loves the mysterious alchemy of watercolours, the way the pigments react to water and to each other, some colliding in an explosion of colour, others softly melting together, while some are simply content to sit beside each other, causing granulation on the picture surface.

“If you ever thought that watching paint dry was boring, just watch the way watercolours dry.  It can be so exciting.  Colours lighten and change.  Solid edges and unexpected shapes appear as if by magic, and others soften and disappear altogether. Oils however have a richness and precision in the way the paints blend.
“I am constantly working with new methods to get the effect I want.  Working between oils and watercolour refreshes my artistic vision.”

Michelle’s subject choices are eclectic, based solely on what captures her attention and imagination at the time.

Michelle has previously shown her work in pop-up exhibitions, and in Thirsk (Art in the Pen) and Chester.