Established in 1979, Okra Glass is one of the most successful glass studios in Britain today.

Originally founded by Richard Golding and Nicola Osborne, Okra Glass is now run by skilled glass artists Karinna Sellars and Dean Hopkins.

Based in Stourbridge, West Midlands Karinna and Dean specialise in creating inspiring collectable giftware and limited editions of the highest quality - including perfume bottles, vases and paperweights.

Combining traditional hot glassmaking techniques with imagination, the Okra style is instantly recognisable and has taken many years to perfect.

Key to their success is the development of their own unique recipes for clear and coloured glass, combined with constant exploration of surface decoration.  Like the great glass artists Tiffany, Galle and Daum, they have created a distinctive palette of rich tones and beautiful iridescent effects that are the hallmark of Okra.