Ralph Shuttleworth

Ralph Shuttleworth

Ralph is from Holmfirth in West Yorkshire.

In 2015 he was awarded a youth enterprise award which allowed him to set up his own workshop, complete with lathe.

Ralph taught himself how to use the lathe, and has since gone on to develop his own techniques and processes that are somewhat different to traditional practices. His modern approach includes turning, gilding and staining, and processes to manipulate and accentuate the natural warping that occurs in all wood. His warped pieces particularly have a look which is organic yet slightly unnatural. He is greatly influenced by the specific piece of wood he is working with as this defines what techniques can be used.

Ralph mainly uses reclaimed timber or native woods such as sycamore and ash, as an interesting natural canvas for turning, shaping and embellishing.

Most pieces are coloured using stains which penetrate the wood giving a deep colour while enhancing the figure within the wood, then finished using natural waxes which give a warm tactile sheen.

Ralph was recently awarded a place on the art& RAW Talent programme which, through mentoring support, has given him the opportunity to enter the professional art world. And he has just started a university course in Nottingham studying furniture design.