Robin Grover-Jacques

Robin is a graduate in fine art painting from Bradford & Ilkley College.

He developed a passion for capturing the power of landscape during his final year, when the moorlands of Ilkley, Haworth and Saddleworth were the inspiration for his degree show work. He has vivid memories of walking those rugged landscapes in the depths of autumn and winter, with dark skies looming above, frozen streams and wind battered grasses and heathers underfoot. Whilst his style of painting may have developed over the years, the emotional attachment to the landscape still drives him on.

Robin has been based in York since 2000, and finds it a gateway to a plethora of outstanding scenery, from the North York Moors to the Northumberland coast and the bleak yet beautiful West Yorkshire moorlands and much, much more in between and beyond. He is never short of inspiration.

Robin’s work is inspired by the emotions evoked through his interactions with the landscape and the indefatigable natural forces of weather upon it. He finds it essential that he first walks the landscape to absorb all its elements. And when he views the landscape he draws from it not only the forms and colour palette, but also the history of its formation and how the natural elements interact and influence its mood and power, from bright still days to the harshness of a winter storm, lashing out upon the weathered hills and moorlands.

“Paintings can be several years in the making, not on the canvas, but in my mind. Only once the key elements of the image have crystallised in my mind, powered by the emotions I felt when in that landscape, will I commit paint to canvas; starting with bold applications of paint, often squeezed straight from the tube onto the canvas, working with the paints to define highlights, shadow and basic form.”