Rosie Preston

Rosie Preston is a mixed media artist who lives near Settle in North Yorkshire.

Rosie’s degree studies, undertaken at Sheffield Polytechnic in the 1980s, were in sculpture and photography.

For many years after her degree course Rosie worked as a Personnel and Training Manager for blue chip organizations and the Merchant Navy. She constantly worked hard to develop her artistic knowledge and skill sets in ceramics, stained glass, painting and drawing in any free time she had.

Having been encouraged by achieving sales of her artworks in Australia, mainland Europe and here in the UK, Rosie has very recently become an artist full time.

To date Rosie has exhibited her artworks at Craft In The Pen, Skipton in 2016 and 2017, and at Art In The Pen, Thirsk in 2017. She also showed her work successfully at two Hopeful and Glorious events in 2016.
Rosie’s creative joy and inspiration come from her fascination with the richness of the natural world around her. She is particularly interested in geomorphology and the science underpinning the formation of rocks and gem stones and how these are used to create art pigments.

Through experimentation, Rosie has developed a wide variety of techniques to explore colour, pattern, texture, and light using vibrant pigments, resin and iridescence. Her work is strongly influenced by her passion for stained glass, consequently she strives to make her artworks shimmer and glow richly.
Her intention for every completed picture is that what the viewer sees is never all they actually get – just as it is in nature.