Shannon Morgan

Shannon was born and raised in the state of Kentucky, but has lived for the past 14 years in York in the United Kingdom.

Her earliest childhood memories are of creating works in crayon, but as she progressed through life, the medium she fell in love with was oil paints. It was the way they handled, their rich tones and jewel-like colours that held so much appeal. Oils gave her the ability create and manipulate colour in a way that her younger self could only dream of when playing with that original box of 64.

Influenced originally by the impressionist, and now by extraordinary artists such as Jenny Saville, she draws inspiration from people and the spaces they inhabit - both physically and emotionally.

After training in art at university, and a career working in graphic design, print and publishing, she returned to oil painting 10 years ago and recently completed the Diploma Programme at the Norfolk Painting School.

She has exhibited with the Society of Women Artists in London, locally with York Open Studios, The Great North Art Show and the York Art Society, and has work represented in several regional galleries.