Sunderland Lustreware is a type of pottery originating from Sunderland!

Several potteries were located along the banks of the River Wear in the 19th century. Though many made every day tableware, some of them made a distinct type which became known as Sunderland Lustreware. Indeed similar pottery made in Tyneside and North Shields) and in Staffordshire also received this designation in later years.

Sunderland Lustreware Plaque

This pottery is now very collectable. It is normally in a pink form, but orange and other colours are also found. Typical pieces are religious plaques, and jugs featuring a design incorporating the bridge over the River Wear, or various heraldic - especially Masonic - devices. Most of the pieces available today were produced in Anthony Scott's Pottery in Southwick, Dawson's Pottery in Low Ford (now South Hylton), or at Dixon, Austin & Co.

A comprehensive collection is on display in the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.