Suzanne McQuade

Suzanne Mcquade was born in 1965 in West Yorkshire.  Suzanne’s working life was predominately in customer services, and she painted as much as possible in her spare time.

Five years ago, Suzanne made the decision to become a full-time artist, allowing her time to work on her techniques and exhibit her paintings.  Suzanne successfully sells her work in the UK and internationally. Her paintings have featured in the popular Leisure Artist Magazine, and she was also selected for the Artist entry to the Patchings Exhibition in 2016 run by the Artist Magazine.

Suzanne is passionate about watercolours and how this medium’s translucency allows light to flood into her landscapes and seascapes. “Using watercolours is like teamwork; I have to allow the watercolour to move and merge, and utilise the patterns it creates.”

Suzanne’s inspiration comes from the diversity of the British countryside and coast, and she paints what she finds captivating, from a dramatic sky to underwater rocks. “I try to make the scene in front of me to be as beautiful as possible”.